Aesthetics (English post)

I love aesthetics, there are so much of them on Twitter and tumblr but I never have enough of them.
Most of them are quite sad. I those moments I am not the happiest person in the world. I feel mostly melancholic.

Let me show you the four last that touched me.


This Coldplay song is so iconic. The lyrics are so full of unrealized dreams and hopes.


Marina and the diamonds lyrics. Her lyrics are life (for me).  There are truths that no one wants to know, she tells them.


Pastel colors now. Tinted with deception and hope.


« People do not die from suicide, they die from sadness ». This quote and aesthetic are a great pair.


Playlist de février

Je suis vraiment contente de vous retrouver en ce 24 février pour ma playlist de ce mois-ci puisque j’ai fait de super découvertes et re-découvertes !

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